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Verona Office of Emergency Management

The Verona Office of Emergency Management is a stand alone component of the Municipal government. The office works closely with Federal, State, County and local agencies to assure the coordination of large scale events. It plans for, coordinates and directs operations at large scale civil emergencies that usually require the coordinated efforts of multiple components of municipal government, outside agencies and local volunteer groups.


The Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator is responsible for the provision of leadership in the field of Emergency Management and is responsible for Emergency Management program administration and program development encompassing the four phases of Emergency Management--mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.    The Emergency Management organization is comprised of several Deputy Coordinators, support staff, the Local Emergency Management Council/Emergency Planning Council, and volunteers.

Current Membership:

Detective Joel Martin - Coordinator (term ending 12/31/2024)

Chief Christopher Kiernan (VPD) - Deputy Coordinator (term ending 12/31/2024)

Assistant Chief Connor McCann (VRS) - Deputy Coordinator (term ending 12/31/2024)

Mark Steinberg - Deputy Coordinator (term ending 12/31/2024) 

Dr. Christopher Tamburro - Deputy Coordinator (term ending 12/31/2024) 

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