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Application for Firearms Identification Card & Handgun Purchase Permits


Step One

To start the process for the Firearms Application, click the link below


Step Two

 When you log on, you must enter the Verona Police Department’s ORI #: NJ0072000

Please ensure that the agency ORI number is correct on the form. If an incorrect ORI number is entered on the form, you will NOT receive a firearms ID card or a permit to purchase. You will then have to re-apply using the correct ORI number and pay for the process again. A refund cannot be issued.


Step 3

  Complete the online application. When completing the application, you will need the email addresses of two (2) reputable references.  Your references can be family members. The new system called F.A.R.S. will email the listed references a series of questions that need to be answered accurately and truthfully for the application to be considered valid. Please advise your listed references to complete the questions as soon as possible to make sure your background investigation starts in a timely fashion.


Step Four

AFTER your initial background check has been completed by the assigned Detective, you will be contacted by the Records Bureau for payment. Checks and Money Orders shall be made out to Verona Police Department, NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Your application will not be approved until we have received payment.

NJ Permits to Purchase a Handgun

$25.00 per permit

Initial NJ Firearms ID Card


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