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Verona Police Department 

Important Forms
& Registration

Below are emergency contact forms. You can fill out these forms with information you would want the Police to know if there was an emergency or service call for you or your residence. 

NOTE - If you have an alarm at your residence or business, Verona Ordinance requires you to register and maintain updated records with the Police Department. This is very helpful to ensure you are contacted if there is ever any event at your home or business.  

To Register an Alarm, Please Click Below

To Register Someone with Special Needs, Please Click Below

Township Ordinance -­‐ Local Alarms Sec. 128-3 
Any person that owns, operates, maintains or has on his property any alarm device within the Township of Verona shall notify the Police Department, in writing, and on such registration forms that may be required by the Chief of Police. Such notice shall state the name, address and telephone number of the owner or operator of the location of the device and the name, address and telephone number of at least two persons who can be reached in case of an emergency or malfunction in order that the device can be shut off or temporarily disconnected.

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